She Made me do What? (Conclusion)

Do what?She Made me do What?

So….. i finish the task of sewing in the fetish club and despite the lack of good, sufficient lighting, i did a good job for someone who hasn’t done it in 20 years AND i couldn’t see what i was doing. Miss Eve didn’t seem impressed, more along the lines of, ‘this shit better stay stitched.’ i get it, whatever task i am instructed to complete, must be done to excellent standards set by Her, ESPECIALLY if it’s FOR Her…. Nevertheless, i secretly patted myself on the back because i felt i did a fantastic job under the circumstances.

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She Made me do What?

SewingSo, it’s common knowledge that i enjoy seeing Miss Eve. Another chance seeing Her came about when i went to Paddles (in New York City) the other night. The occasion was a one year anniversary of an event called Bedlam promoted by Vito. Although i knew i was attending the event, i hadn’t told Miss Eve, but, i knew i’d see Her. Let’s just say that fate has a way of being what it is!

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Dealing with Compromise

CompromiseThe beauty of any relationship is finding commonalities that will make the union thrive. Anything from mutual likes in music, discovering the palates have similar tastes and knowing that certain fantasies may fall in line (Of course i had to throw in the fantasy aspect!). The danger, i feel, in relationships may be the opposite, not having common interests in other aspects. As we get older, we become more set in our ways and typically, we like what we like and if we don’t like something, we just don’t like it!

And then there is the struggle between couples when it comes to not budging, particularly, if it’s something they abhor but their partner takes a keen interest in. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that extreme, but, it’s usually the general feeling. There is where compromise is a great thing to strengthen the relationship!

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