The Prison Sentence

Prison SentenceShe has me falsely accused of a crime and all evidence leads to me and i’m eventually jailed. She has an arrangement with a prison where i will be placed. This arrangement places me in a cell that only She has access to and Her plan is to break me in a way that is entirely impossible to accomplish ‘on the outside.’

When i see Her, She tells me this was Her idea all along and that it’s possible that i can be let out of jail and only She can make that happen. She tells me that the ONLY way this will happen is when She is ready and if She feels like it and in order for Her to consider it, i couldn’t object to ANYTHING She wants. Continue reading


This Happened at TESFest

TESFestThat Time at TESFest

So, for those who don’t know Miss Eve, She can be a little sadistic at times. And those times are always when She is breathing and/or when She is awake. OK, let’s say that even Her dreams aren’t safe! The ONLY thing i worry about when it comes to Miss Eve (Outside Her stubbornness) is actually surviving some play time with Her. Her sadistic thoughts are actually a great turn-on, but She is the REAL Deal when it comes to actually doing some of the things most people just keep as fantasies in their mind…. Continue reading

An Interesting Night (Conclusion)

NightAn Interesting Night (Part 1)

As i waited impatiently for the Goddess to make Her entrance, the nerves just took over and it affected my mind. Would i regret giving myself to Miss Eve? Is it Her intent to hurt me? Should i have taken some drugs so it wouldn’t matter what i thought? lol Ok, scratch the last question, although i had to wonder if i had enough liquor in me to be able to sustain any painful ‘fun’ i may have to endure!

Continue reading

It Was All a Dream!

Dreami was on my knees, looking up at this Goddess. The evil smile peered down on me as She instructed me to open my filthy mouth. As to avoid further punishment, i oblige and open as wide as i am able to. This delighted Her. She proceeds to stand directly over me and in a swift instant, deposits a glob of saliva into my waiting orifice. i gladly accept it, as it IS from my Goddess. i mustn’t seem like i am enjoying it as it would anger Her. So, as cunning as i can be, i feign disgust to try to throw Her off. The look on Her face turns to displeasure as She violently slaps my face. ‘How dare you NOT enjoy something i give You, My little bitch!’ She raises Her voice several levels to emphasize Her disgust with my faking of disgust. i seem to forget that this Goddess knows me well and truth is ALWAYS expected from me, even if it’s a detriment! Continue reading

‘I Wanna Taste Your Tears’

TearsShe walks into the room, slowly, as She is looking at Her prey with excited anticipation. She is ready for the elaborate kill. She doesn’t see a person, She sees an object of desire. She licks Her lips as She imagines the joy She will get out of abusing the flesh that is in Her presence. She locks eyes with him, smiling as She smells his fear. Getting wet as She moves closer towards him. He is tied, spread eagle on the bed, with nowhere to go. As he lays on his stomach, the gag She placed in his mouth may be released. Why? The sound of him pleading for mercy will delight Her. But, more so, the screams that will escape from his throat will surely excite Her as it will be music to Her ears. Not only does She see the fear in his eyes, She notices the lump in his throat that has developed. By gazing into his eyes, She says a lot with the cat-like grin that appears on Her beautiful face. In any other situation, this would bring an equally expressive smile to his face, but, alas, this sparks real fear in him.  Continue reading

The Saturday Morning Cartoon Debacle

The Saturday Morning Cartoon Debaclei’m making a more conscious effort to allow myself to be at the mercy of Miss Eve in ways i may have denied Her previously. Having many conversations and knowing Her thought process, this is very tricky and indeed scary. But, i am along for the ride and willing to try more of what She desires (Lord pray for me!). Continue reading

The Stalking of Mistress Eve

The Stalking of Mistress EveDISCLAIMER: Based on the title, i do not nor have i ever stalked anyone and would never suggest for anyone to do it. i would have named this ‘In Pursuit of Mistress Eve’ but, whenever we discuss by ‘persistence’, She labels it stalking (Jokingly, i hope) so it was more fitting a title since i am speaking about Her.

‘Why is he writing about this Mistress Eve character?’ some of you must be asking or wondering….. I guess if i were reading this, i’d ponder the same thought. The simple answer? Because i want to! 😉 Continue reading