She Made me do What?

SewingSo, it’s common knowledge that i enjoy seeing Miss Eve. Another chance seeing Her came about when i went to Paddles (in New York City) the other night. The occasion was a one year anniversary of an event called Bedlam promoted by Vito. Although i knew i was attending the event, i hadn’t told Miss Eve, but, i knew i’d see Her. Let’s just say that fate has a way of being what it is!

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Who Needs a Female Led Relationship?!?

FLROk, so, as recently as a few years ago, i started reading and researching Female Led Relationships. As a submissive man, this was very intriguing and a little different than your ‘standard’ domination role, in my opinion. So, like a man who believes in growth, my interests started leaning towards embarking on a FLR (Female Led Relationship). The excitement being that i would still being able to ‘submit’ but in a different aspect that doesn’t necessarily, primarily, dwell on dominance. More along the lines of role play, but in a switched role.

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Daddy Dearest

superior-femdom-woman-worshipped-by-inferior-male-slaveTitles, pet names, nicknames….  We all have them, we all enjoy being called certain things from our ‘partners.’ Slut, bitch, Master, Sir, subby, boy, all variations of titles or names the one we play with or are connected to, calls us or what we call them. i like whatever title or name the One i serve gives me as it signifies Her ownership of me, especially when She chooses what She decides to call me as opposed to me giving myself a title. i believe it also gives Her the rightful power to call me whatever She chooses based on what She feels i should be referred to as.

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