This Happened at TESFest

TESFestThat Time at TESFest

So, for those who don’t know Miss Eve, She can be a little sadistic at times. And those times are always when She is breathing and/or when She is awake. OK, let’s say that even Her dreams aren’t safe! The ONLY thing i worry about when it comes to Miss Eve (Outside Her stubbornness) is actually surviving some play time with Her. Her sadistic thoughts are actually a great turn-on, but She is the REAL Deal when it comes to actually doing some of the things most people just keep as fantasies in their mind…. Continue reading


An Interesting Night (Part 1)

InteresringMiss Eve instructs me to head to the room and prepare, not only myself, but, whatever equipment that She will need. i am partly excited, but mostly scared. Excited because i fantasize of Her daily. Well, actually, multiple times during the day. Ok, let’s be real, i’m fantasizing about Her as i write and will a couple more times before i finish!

As i walk to the room, i am nervously wondering what She has in store. i am also wondering if i will survive. i am happy because it has been a while since i’ve been in Her ‘clutches.’ Even the thought of being hurt by Her excites me to the point that i don’t know if i want a lot of pain or just enough that will satisfy Her lust for blood. Am i the only one who still gets nervous as if this is the first time She is giving me the type of attention i crave from Her? Continue reading

Fear May be the Prime Motivator

FearYes, fear can motivate people to do the smallest of things. It can also ‘encourage’ others to stay on the right path instead of suffering the consequences of any action. It can also stop you from advancing based on something that, if taken away, can be beneficial.

Fear of losing someone you care about forces you to right whatever wrong you’ve done. Or, it makes you realize the emptiness that may transpire if you lose the one you want to be with and/or serve.

There’s also the fear of upsetting the one you serve. Fear that making Her upset will lower your standing with the one you serve and admire. Although it’s already been established that You are lower than Her. But, the notion that you want to be seen in a favorable light works against you, if that fear of upsetting Her happens. No one wants to upset the One they love/serve. Continue reading

‘I Wanna Taste Your Tears’

TearsShe walks into the room, slowly, as She is looking at Her prey with excited anticipation. She is ready for the elaborate kill. She doesn’t see a person, She sees an object of desire. She licks Her lips as She imagines the joy She will get out of abusing the flesh that is in Her presence. She locks eyes with him, smiling as She smells his fear. Getting wet as She moves closer towards him. He is tied, spread eagle on the bed, with nowhere to go. As he lays on his stomach, the gag She placed in his mouth may be released. Why? The sound of him pleading for mercy will delight Her. But, more so, the screams that will escape from his throat will surely excite Her as it will be music to Her ears. Not only does She see the fear in his eyes, She notices the lump in his throat that has developed. By gazing into his eyes, She says a lot with the cat-like grin that appears on Her beautiful face. In any other situation, this would bring an equally expressive smile to his face, but, alas, this sparks real fear in him.  Continue reading

Gaining Interest in Her Interests

Gaining Interest in Her InterestsThe best part of growth in ANY relationship, is learning more about your partner. And learning about your partner entails knowing more about what interests they have. i feel in most failed relationships, what plays a part is, what you have that is NOT in common with your partner. What makes great relationships is the shared interests but, more importantly, what separates the two as well. Taking an interest in what you may not have an interest in, is what strengthens most relationships. Continue reading

The Difference Between What we Want and What we Need

The DifferenceEveryone has preferences, desires, wants, needs, etc. When given the choice between what we want and what we need, typically, we choose what we want. ESPECIALLY in relationships. Hence, one of the reasons a lot of relationships don’t work out or is bad for you because we want something that may not be good for us. It’s like vegetables. Yes, it’s factual that eating vegetables keep and make us healthy and is needed to fully function, yet, we may prefer eating that slice of lemon pie. Yes, that decadent taste fulfills a desire but, the only thing that it did do, was satisfy a tasty craving. Of course those vegetables may have helped get us the needed nutrients plus, given us the necessary energy needed to function.

Continue reading

The Pursuit of Miss Eve

The Pursuit of EveSo i mentioned my first interaction and meeting of Miss Eve in an earlier post. i didn’t know what i was in for when i actually started communicating with Her. Upon meeting Her, i knew i wasn’t ‘Her type.’ Don’t ask me how i knew, i just had this feeling i wasn’t. This was also evident in the fact that She basically ignored me for some time. i had access to Her via FetLife and then i graduated to getting Her mobile number. She was always cordial in person at the fetish events, but, i couldn’t get closer. Apparently, my attraction to Her led to me ‘rewarding’ Her with liquor whenever She ran out or didn’t have any on Her when She came to the parties i served drinks at. It even got to the point that whenever She did arrive at the parties, i would have a drink waiting for Her when i knew She was there.

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