Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Eve's birthdayMay You get all things You hope for and continue to be blessed…


This Happened at TESFest

TESFestThat Time at TESFest

So, for those who don’t know Miss Eve, She can be a little sadistic at times. And those times are always when She is breathing and/or when She is awake. OK, let’s say that even Her dreams aren’t safe! The ONLY thing i worry about when it comes to Miss Eve (Outside Her stubbornness) is actually surviving some play time with Her. Her sadistic thoughts are actually a great turn-on, but She is the REAL Deal when it comes to actually doing some of the things most people just keep as fantasies in their mind…. Continue reading

Just Thinking…

Just ThinkingSo, it’s been almost 2 weeks since i last saw Her. Barely communicating the past few days. Thought things went well at TESFest, Fourth of July weekend, but, maybe it didn’t go as well as i originally thought. There was a time when we spoke daily, even if it was brief. Those days are apparently over as it’s rare to communicate as often as before. How can i not think that there is no longer interest? Unreturned texts, unanswered phone calls…. Rejection is not a great feeling. Continue reading

The Saga Continues…

The Sagai started this blog over a year ago to detail the happenings of my pursuit in a BDSM relationship with Miss Eve. As you could guess, things have been quiet here as i haven’t posted an entry since the end of last year. At times, i thought about just shutting this down as things didn’t go as planned and i had doubts that there was even a relationship. Although it’s nowhere near where i would have liked it to be, there still is a slight pulse at this current time. Continue reading

Twas the Night Before Christmas (When Santa Met Eve)

TwasTwas the night before Christmas, where no one was bound
Not a creature was stirring, cause Eve is around.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
It’s better that way because I could be there.

I wish I was nestled and snug in Her bed,
While visions of evilness danced in Her head.
But, then She’d have me under heavy control
With the promise of pain I’m sure I’d be swole Continue reading

She Made me do What? (Conclusion)

Do what?She Made me do What?

So….. i finish the task of sewing in the fetish club and despite the lack of good, sufficient lighting, i did a good job for someone who hasn’t done it in 20 years AND i couldn’t see what i was doing. Miss Eve didn’t seem impressed, more along the lines of, ‘this shit better stay stitched.’ i get it, whatever task i am instructed to complete, must be done to excellent standards set by Her, ESPECIALLY if it’s FOR Her…. Nevertheless, i secretly patted myself on the back because i felt i did a fantastic job under the circumstances.

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She Made me do What?

SewingSo, it’s common knowledge that i enjoy seeing Miss Eve. Another chance seeing Her came about when i went to Paddles (in New York City) the other night. The occasion was a one year anniversary of an event called Bedlam promoted by Vito. Although i knew i was attending the event, i hadn’t told Miss Eve, but, i knew i’d see Her. Let’s just say that fate has a way of being what it is!

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