This Happened at TESFest

TESFestThat Time at TESFest

So, for those who don’t know Miss Eve, She can be a little sadistic at times. And those times are always when She is breathing and/or when She is awake. OK, let’s say that even Her dreams aren’t safe! The ONLY thing i worry about when it comes to Miss Eve (Outside Her stubbornness) is actually surviving some play time with Her. Her sadistic thoughts are actually a great turn-on, but She is the REAL Deal when it comes to actually doing some of the things most people just keep as fantasies in their mind….

Before this trip, i had already decided to recommit to submitting to Her desires. The main issue with me was fearing what could happen when in the midst of a Miss Eve encounter. A beautiful Woman torturing me is not a bad thing….  Until Her pleasure surpasses most people’s extreme fantasies….

i always made it a point to mention to Her that She should build me up so i am able to take more pain. She just doesn’t want to do that. i mean, i get it, but, damn….  my expectation for this trip was to prepare myself to be in excruciating pain and to be begging for mercy at some point in time. i was nervous that i would be alone with Her, but also knowing that my screams would eventually save me! lol But, i know what You want, so let me get to the scene at hand!!!

i volunteered at TESFest and when i came back from my shift and awakened from my nap,  i noticed many ‘instruments’ lying on some ‘puppy pads’ on the desk. Miss Eve was acting normal, like nothing was wrong and as i walked around the room clueless, so many things went through my mind that i honestly can’t remember what they were. All i knew was that i might be in a bit of trouble that evening.

She had me take off my shirt and tied my hands, VERY tightly and with yards of tape (i’ve been known to, uh, escape when i feel very threatened and scared) bound my wrists to the hotel chair near the desk. She placed a hood over my head, i swear my heart was beating faster than a runaway train going down a hill with no brakes! This is showtime and i came to play!

i will be the first to admit (Since, after all, She WILL read this..) that i can be a pussy, but, i was VERY determined to not only last, but, to NOT chicken out, complain or even go against whatever She wanted to do. i had no clue what was going through Her mind, but i was naturally scared, but, for the first time, i wanted to do it and be Her victim in any manner that evening.

i believe She was humming. That or  i just heard humming in my head. The very first touch was very pleasant, but also scary because She tends to be, let’s say ‘heavy-handed.’ i don’t mind, but, if She starts heavy, you just know She will hit harder later…  As i nervously wonder what will happen next, i felt Her grabbing my nipples. She tweaks and pulls on them because She starts getting rough. As i can recall, i felt something sharp at the top of my nipples. i hadn’t been pierced in years, but, i somehow felt the needle being inserted and i felt like jumping, but, in a split second, i remembered that i have to give in to the pain for once while playing with Her. It started to get intense.

Miss Eve kindly ‘built’ me up, unlike usual, so i was able to sustain a fair amount of pain. She skillfully pierced my nipples and because i had on a hood, i couldn’t tell which of the equipment She used. There were times where i tensed up and thought i was gonna ‘break out’ from the tight bond She had me in, but, i persevered by mentally giving in to the pain and definitely to Her. i could be wrong, but, i think a pair of pliers were used, along with forceps and other scary things that looked evil. i felt a little compassion from Miss Eve (i know, i don’t want to ruin Her reputation, so let’s say it was minimal…) or maybe She is setting me up for future torment, i don’t know.

i don’t know how much blood was drawn or escaped from my body, but, i do know there was blood and i survived! i swear that i was ready for anything that weekend (Please note, i didn’t say i would or could have handled anything that weekend!) and expected worse. i had made a commitment to myself that i would work towards making Miss Eve happy and i hope that this first step is in the right direction.

Now, i anticipate giving in to more pain and more to Miss Eve. This #SummerofSadism as i call it, got off to an interesting start. i am training my mind to let go of whatever mental blocks that have been blocking me so i can have some interesting tales to reveal to you…

Now, it’s up to Miss Eve…


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