The Saga Continues…

The Sagai started this blog over a year ago to detail the happenings of my pursuit in a BDSM relationship with Miss Eve. As you could guess, things have been quiet here as i haven’t posted an entry since the end of last year. At times, i thought about just shutting this down as things didn’t go as planned and i had doubts that there was even a relationship. Although it’s nowhere near where i would have liked it to be, there still is a slight pulse at this current time.

The attempts have not subsided in any way, but, i have decided to change course again, in hopes of re-sparking a fire we both had. In anticipating better results, i will write in this blog again, hopefully with the same (Or an even more creative) imagination and a much better outcome. Hopefully, the entries will be more often, more intense and gets me closer to my initial goal when i first started this blog…

Only time will tell as you can’t make someone want to see you, but, hopefully, the initial attraction can be re-explored and i am able to keep your interests in the exploits of this adventure….

i’ve already begun writing about the last interaction we had 2 weeks ago at TESFest. i look forward to the next time i see Her, which, i hope, is in the very near future. Otherwise, you can check out my latest entries on my other blog, The Need to be Taken, which i already have 3 new entries that i am ready to post. That blog details the many thoughts that cross my mind on a daily basis, so, i’m sure you will also enjoy that one if you haven’t checked it out yet.

Wish me luck as i plan on dwelling deep into the shared desires that both Miss Eve and i have discussed previously. i have shed the layer of fear that kept me from freely submitting previously, although there is still a fear there. Only difference is that, it won’t stand in the way and i just have to let the chips fall where they may.


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