She Made me do What? (Conclusion)

Do what?She Made me do What?

So….. i finish the task of sewing in the fetish club and despite the lack of good, sufficient lighting, i did a good job for someone who hasn’t done it in 20 years AND i couldn’t see what i was doing. Miss Eve didn’t seem impressed, more along the lines of, ‘this shit better stay stitched.’ i get it, whatever task i am instructed to complete, must be done to excellent standards set by Her, ESPECIALLY if it’s FOR Her…. Nevertheless, i secretly patted myself on the back because i felt i did a fantastic job under the circumstances.

Now, i made the mistake of telling Miss Eve that Master Joshua offered to light me on fire. i usually tell Her everything (Of course…) and when i told Her Joshua gave me an opportunity to be, uh, let’s say, set ablaze, i figured She’d probably say, ‘Well, why didn’t you let him?’ and then we’d chuckled and move on to more interesting dialogue. But, a funny thing happened that didn’t involve any chuckling or laughing. Her eyes, LITERALLY lit up and She smiled. No, not the, ‘Hey, how you doing’ smile. The smile She displayed was more like, ‘WOW, i think that would be hot!’ Of course, i’m still thinking that the chuckle part was upcoming and i was waiting for it. But, although i haven’t been seeing it lately, when Miss Eve gets a certain look in Her eyes (For an example, check out The Stalking of Mistress Eve), although often scary, it gives me a certain feeling (Mixed excitement and fear, but mostly fear!). i have to admit that i love when She has that look in Her eyes (i just always hope that i won’t have to be included in whatever thought is behind it!). It’s a cross between a crazed lunatic and an angelic beauty and i get caught up in it like a deer in headlights!

And yes, the next words out of Her mouth was, ‘i think that would be HOT!’ and i’m looking at Her like, ‘um…’ As i look at Her again, i get caught in that gaze and it was as if She had some type of power over me and i became hypnotized. my dumb ass actually gave it thought. But, like the ‘man’ that i am, i fought it and i was winning and then She literally looked me in my eyes, smiled even more and i asked, ‘Are You serious?!?!?’ Her eyes lit up even more. i’m like, um, there are other and better things that i can do in order to elicit that same and maybe an even bigger response (Of course, this was all in my head to avoid an embarrassing exchange lol). But, She sucked me in with Her reaction…. So, like a doe-eyed teenager fawning over his first kiss, i then offered to go through with it since She MADE SURE to tell me that it would definitely get Her excited…..

So, as you can imagine, i approached Master Joshua and was basically lit on fire…  No, not like up in smoke, but, although i wasn’t really trying to have a man touch me at all, if it was to Miss Eve’s liking, i’m willing. It was definitely strange lying on that table, being exposed to a man. No, i wasn’t completely nude, but, i felt i was exposed anyway. The ONLY thing that made it worthwhile was knowing how happy it was making Miss Eve and no, i don’t plan on doing it again!!! (i’m sure Miss Eve has other cruel things in mind that will make Her even more excited…).


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