She Made me do What?

SewingSo, it’s common knowledge that i enjoy seeing Miss Eve. Another chance seeing Her came about when i went to Paddles (in New York City) the other night. The occasion was a one year anniversary of an event called Bedlam promoted by Vito. Although i knew i was attending the event, i hadn’t told Miss Eve, but, i knew i’d see Her. Let’s just say that fate has a way of being what it is!

i knew i’d see Her and was i happy when She texted me before i left my apartment. After letting Her know my plan for the evening, it was time for me to get excited. See, She doesn’t believe when i told Her i knew i would see Her, but, i would have been very disappointed if i didn’t.

Anyway, we made plans to meet at the venue and i went in to check it out, converse with the party goers i already knew. Right away, people started asking for Her and i just started to make my way around the event. And as there were snacks celebrating the anniversary, i immediately thought of Miss Eve and ‘stowed’ some of the goodies away for Her.

As i was walking through the dungeon, i saw Master Joshua. As we greeted each other, he had a station set up for fire play. He offered to ‘set me on fire’ and i smiled and graciously declined and at the time, i didn’t know that i would be taking him up on his offer (More on that later….).

When the Goddess did show up, the place was crowded and i was talking to my good friend, Shermie. Now, the funny thing… Here’s where fate comes in again (She may think of it as stalking). Coincidentally, Shermie and i had literally, just stopped to talk and She just happens to walk in as we were conversing. Now, to the naked eye, it may look as if i was waiting for Her arrival. i mean, in theory, i was, but, i honestly had no clue when She would actually arrive. Nonetheless, i was happy (And so was Shermie!).

i really don’t need to go into every detail of the night, so, let’s fast forward to one of the ‘She Made me do What?’ moments…..

As i’ve stated many times before, i’ve been in the BDSM scene for almost 25 years. i’ve done PLENTY and have seen even more than that. But, upon meeting Miss Eve, i’ve been privileged to, not only seeing more, but, experiencing more with Her than i have in the past, almost 25 years. So, of course, She decides to add more….

As we are walking through Paddles, the Beautiful Miss Eve asks me if i knew how to sew. i didn’t think of it as a strange question because, after all, strange is actual the norm when dealing with Miss Eve. So, i do and i told Her so. i also added that i haven’t actually sewn in over 20 years. She nodded Her head and then She proceeded to go into Her bag and pulled out an article of clothing. i, once again, didn’t think anything about it, because, after all, it IS Miss Eve we’re talking about here. She then tells me that i will be sewing this article of clothing. i’m thinking to myself, ok, no problem, i will take it home, get some sewing materials and do what i am asked. What i didn’t know was that She wanted that task done at THAT VERY MOMENT!

So, i’m looking at Her perplexed trying to figure out if this woman was serious (She was). After telling Her once again that i hadn’t done so in 20 years, She was unfazed. So, we actually started looking for an area in a dimly lit club, so that i can actually SEW. Yes, people. SEW! Now, we are literally looking for the brightest spot in the venue, so i can make this Woman happy. We found a spot upstairs. Now, get this…. There was a couple playing and in the area which was the brightest in the dungeon, were several chairs. Guess where i was motioned to head to….

Yes, peoples…. ANOTHER FIRST!!! i was given a needle, already threaded and handed the clothing with a gaping hole in it. As the lovely Lady sat down next to me, i look to Her in amazement. Why da FUCK am i in a fetish event sewing?!?!?!? Black cloth, black thread, not very bright lighting. So, of course, there can be no excuse when i DO finish this task…

Never a dull moment…..

To be continued…..


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