That Damn Tattoo Gun! (Conclusion)

That Damn Tattoo GunThat Damn Tattoo Gun!

But, let me back track a little before i continue to the Tattoo incident….

While coldbreeze was preparing my arm to draw blood, Miss Eve was actually sitting next to me (Comforting me, of course, right?). I failed to mention that the first draw was almost successful, but for some strange reason, let’s just say that my arm didn’t cooperate. i felt the needle go in my arm, the prick wasn’t painful at all. But, i just knew blood would just avoid the pointy thing protruding out of its vessel. The funny thing was that there was a LOT of blood that escaped, not only my arm, but the needle itself. It made for an interesting scene! It was as if Miss Eve was the one who had possession of my arm instead of coldbreeze and Miss Eve, with Her magical touch, caused my arm to bleed. i’m thinking the blood in my body just wants to get out to appease Miss Eve. But, alas, that wasn’t the case. This time……

Now the main event……

So, i am instructed to go disrobe as my penis is about to be touched! And NOT in the way i want it to be! i walk back into the living room, sans boxers, ready to be penetrated by a different type of needle. Was i scared? Hell yeh! Did i want to do it? Hell no!!! But, this was at Miss Eve’s request and i am more determined to satisfy Her urges (i am SURE that sentence has me in deeper trouble already!). i am escorted to the couch, dick hanging low, unaware of the pain it is about to endure, but, knowing something is not right. Can’t nor am i gonna back out now, the stage has been set and the audience is ready for the main attraction of the night! Ok, maybe not the main feature, but, that’s what it felt like as i sat there trembling inside.

I literally put my head back and close my eyes because this might be the last time my penis will be in the condition i’m used to it being in. i am thinking to myself, ‘Am i REALLY ready to get a tattoo for Miss Eve? Oh wait, am i REALLY ready to get a tattoo BY Miss Eve?’ Wait! Am i REALLY ready to get a tattoo on my dick?!?!?!??!

Suffice to say, it didn’t matter if i was ready or not, it’s going down…..

As Sir Noyes was guiding Miss Eve, i could feel Her hands grabbing the precious organ and my eyes got tighter as i felt the coldness of the pointy object on me. i don’t even remember if anyone asked if i was ready as i blocked out everything around me. The only thought i had was of losing my dick at the hands of Miss Eve. Or, at the very least, being permanently ‘marked’ by my Beautiful Tormentor. All that was going through my mind was, what is She gonna write. If i’m lucky, She’ll just etch Her name, which was fine as Eve is only 3 letters.

The pain started as She started to write on my penis. Out of all the years i’ve been in the scene, i’ve NEVER had anyone write anything on my person, let alone, my penis! Ok, maybe i had things written on me, but, nothing permanent. i’m thinking to myself, if She is doing this, it must mean She wants to own me forever, so, it may not be that bad…..

i have a good memory but i don’t quite remember everything because i’m waiting for excruciating pain from this method. i believe She stopped after the first letter. i didn’t even want to look down because i was afraid of how my penis would look like. i mean, of course, there would be a letter, but, what color was the ink? How big would it be? How long would i bleed from the carving? Not only was i worried about all of this, but, it hurt like hell!!!!

coldbreeze was sitting by me, bless her heart! She told me i can squeeze her hand. i swear, i thought i squeezed so hard that i broke her hand. But, she was good and kept me kinda relaxed. i still wouldn’t look down because i was afraid that i’d have letters on my dick, covered with blood! By the time Miss Eve was almost finished, Sir Noyes checked on me and told me i can squeeze his hand as well. Because it was his tattoo kit, i felt like i NEEDED to break his damn hand for having it!! But, if it wasn’t for the pain i was feeling on my dick, i think my concentration would have been in breaking his damn hands cause this is his fault!!!

i can only imagine the smile on Miss Eve’s face because causing pain and discomfort brings a big smile to Her face. Again, my eyes were closed and even when opened, i looked up and/or straight ahead because i am now thinking, ‘Shit, i can’t believe i allowed (Well, i was forced) Miss Eve to write Her name on my dick!’ Now, i have to live with the decision, but, truth be told, if this is what She wanted, then i have no choice in the matter.

After finally realizing that the ‘fun’ was over, i was happy to know that my dick was not only still attached, but, it wasn’t even bleeding! And when i did look to view the artwork of my Beautiful Owner, i thought i was delusional because i didn’t see any ink on my dick. Then i looked again, because as much pain as i went through and feeling the sharpness of the gun, there HAD to be some type of evidence of what i felt. After all i went through, Miss Eve wasn’t using any ink…..

In a way, i was kinda disappointed because it would be an honor to be labeled Hers and have proof of it. But, kinda relieved because my dick, outside of the painful adventure, is still intact and still usable…..

i wonder what adventures are next in line……


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