That Damn Tattoo Gun!

TattooMiss Eve and i were invited to a nice intimate gathering at the home of Sir Noyes, hosted by him and coldbreeze the other night. There was another interesting visit when we went to the, sometimes monthly gathering. You can read about The Saturday Morning Cartoon Debacle as there is always something to write about when attending this nice home.

As always, i was excited to be going with Miss Eve. i was forewarned by coldbreeze that Sir Noyes had purchased a tattoo gun, but, thought nothing of it because my ass wasn’t getting a tattoo! Or so i thought….

We arrived fashionably late (Because Miss Eve just LOVES doing so…) and joined the party. We were welcomed with joy and i proceeded to pour Miss Eve and myself a drink to try to catch up with the others. We missed the carving of the pumpkin, which was proudly on display. There was a plan to carve the other pumpkin in the house, but, for some reason, we never got to do that.

As several of us were sitting in the living room, i noticed that Sir Noyes, simone, coldbreeze and Miss Eve walked into another room. For some reason, the other guests looked at me and one of them said the same thing i was thinking. ‘It seems like they are plotting and i’m guessing it has to do with you’ he says to me. i smiled and said, ‘Yeh, you’re right and i don’t think it’s a good thing for me!’

They emerge from their little ‘meeting’ smiling and discussing whatever plot they’ve planned. i say and do nothing because, well, will it really matter if i say or do anything?!?!?

Now, coldbreeze wants to draw some of my blood. i have told her in the past that it’s VERY hard for nurses to easily get blood from me (i should introduce them to Miss Eve as She has no trouble doing so…) so, she gets her equipment as we gather to see how good she is at drawing blood. Now, typically, the person who draws my blood at my doctor’s office, has to try 3, 4 different times between both arms. Needless to say, she got it done on her second try!! Yay! coldbreeze gives me a large vial of my blood. Of course, Miss Eve comes up with the idea of me drinking my own blood. So, i had to swallow, twice, portions of the blood that was in the vial!

To be continued……



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