An Interesting Night (Conclusion)

NightAn Interesting Night (Part 1)

As i waited impatiently for the Goddess to make Her entrance, the nerves just took over and it affected my mind. Would i regret giving myself to Miss Eve? Is it Her intent to hurt me? Should i have taken some drugs so it wouldn’t matter what i thought? lol Ok, scratch the last question, although i had to wonder if i had enough liquor in me to be able to sustain any painful ‘fun’ i may have to endure!

As i am lost in my thoughts, Miss Eve appears in the room. The moment has finally arrived! It felt like this was a wedding and She was about to be walked down the aisle. Ok, that may be a little too dramatic, but, it had been awhile since i had the chance to be in Her presence in this way.

After looking over the ‘equipment’ to make sure She had what She needed, She instructed me to lie on my back and She smiled. I’m trying to figure out if that was a good smile, a devilish smile or, fuck it, i know, sometimes i think too damn much!

As i am lying on my back, i can’t see exactly what She is doing, but, i do know what is about to happen. So i mentally prepare myself for the inserting of a thin metal rod into my penis. After a few minutes (i’m guessing the lube and alcohol pads were being prepared), She grabs my dick as i anticipate the sounds entering me. i take a deep breath as She proceeds to insert the sound into my, uh, organ. It had been some time since this had taken place, so i naturally tense up. But, surprisingly, it didn’t hurt, but it was definitely a sensation i had forgotten about. All this time, i’m thinking that Miss Eve would just ram it in there (Seriously, i know She is skilled enough to not do that) but, She was actually a lot gentler than i thought She’d be. Not that She is never gentle, it’s just my fears coming to the forefront, i suppose.

She looked at me and i felt more relaxed as She gave me, what i thought was, a reassuring look. As She inserted it more into my dick, it felt like a little pointy rod was scraping the inside. But, it was kinda comforting as well (Very hard to describe actually) and i felt it going down further. Trusting Miss Eve explicitly, i relaxed so i wouldn’t hurt myself in the process. At one point in time, i could feel Her pulling the sound in an upward direction to take it out and i felt good, but, knowing at the same time, that, that was just the beginning and the smallest sound. As She reaches for the next size, i literally just laid back and relaxed myself as She continued. my heart was beating a little slower knowing that it wasn’t as scary as i had placed it in my mind before She started.

Feeling the sensation with each one, knowing that the size of the sounds were bigger with each one She would pull out. i honestly don’t remember taking so many at one time.

During the time She was using the sounds, She would, on occasion, (being the nipple slut that i am) play with my nipples. She can have a vise like grip sometimes when She handles my nipples. i know i winched several times but i don’t know if it was because of Her nipple torment or the actual sounds. All i know is that it got a little intense and i wouldn’t have it any other way! (Well, it depends, actually) The bigger the sounds were, the more proud i was for being able to ‘accept’ them. And, at one point, She asked if it was too much for me and i wanted to make Miss Eve proud by taking more than i thought i could. i expressed to Her that i could take another size, although i wasn’t really sure as the intensity did pick up with the one She just used.

i failed to mention that, as the lovely Miss Eve was performing this intense exercise, She asked me to read to Her a chapter in a book that She had with Her. i initially thought She was joking until i saw the look on Her face, expressing how serious She was! i’m thinking to myself, how will i be able to read when i have instruments sliding in and out of my dick?!!? But, this is what i love about Miss Eve, She has introduced me to things and ways i have never experienced before and trust me, i have seen a lot!

So, now, i have to make sure that i read at a level She can hear and articulate what i am reading to the satisfaction of Miss Eve. As i am reading, there were moments that i couldn’t concentrate on the words because sometimes the pain was a little intense, but, i had to make sure i didn’t mess up for fear of being punished! There were times i didn’t think i would be able to read the passages i was instructed to, but, after some brief pauses, i got through the story. But, it didn’t end there! i finished the story and then Miss Eve, in between sticking rods in my penis, tells me to get my tablet. As i reach for the tablet, She instructs me to read Her one of my writings from my other blog, ‘The Need To Be Taken.’ Wow, was all i could muster in my mind! i am being tortured while reading something from my own imagination!

After suffering through this new ordeal that the wonderful Miss Eve has put me through, She wasn’t yet done! As a shiny rod was sticking out of my dick, She instructs me to grab it. As i did so, She tells me to cum for Her. While i am still in shock by Her request, i had to look at Her once again to make sure i heard correctly. i then say, ‘What did You say Daddy?’ and She looked at me and told me to play with myself! Now, i’m quickly thinking to myself, ‘Wait, there is a sizable sound, literally, in my dick right now!’ i look at Her, knowing i was given a specific instruction. It seems that every time i am with this Woman, there is something going on that i’ve never done before. This was a first for me again!

As i start to play with myself, it’s already embarrassing enough that i have to masturbate in front of Her, now, i have to do it with something stuck in my dick! So, i start to rub myself as if She wasn’t there, trying to follow instructions. i’m kinda feeling a bit strange, feeling a rod inside my dick and me trying to ejaculate in the process! As i stated previously, the nipple slut that i am, Miss Eve tried to help me by pinching my nipples, which helped a little, but, for whatever reason, the cum inside, didn’t want to come outside! She clamped Her fingernails tighter, making my nipples hurt and as much as i wanted to start crying and/or begging for mercy, i had a goal i had to achieve!

Now, any other night (OK, i have to be honest, EVERY night), all i have to do is imagine Miss Eve doing, well….. anything to me and i am cumming like an open hydrant during a New York City heatwave! But, for whatever reason, i could feel the liquid in my balls, just ready to burst and hit the ceiling, if it could! But, for some reason, it was afraid to reveal itself in front of Miss Eve. i swear, i even imagined Miss Eve raping me and treating me like a little slut by having Her way with me (I mean, that usually works on most nights in my mind!) and still, nothing……

i could see the disappointment in Miss Eve’s face, but, my disappointment was even bigger and definitely more embarrassing! i had to apologize to Her as She shook Her head. As She shook Hers, i can only hold mine in shame…… As i got up to go kiss Her feet and thank Her once again, i felt like, after all of that, i failed Her and i must do better next time…..

But, i must admit, that was an interesting night and i look forward to more intense-filled times with Miss Eve.


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