That Damn Tattoo Gun! (Conclusion)

That Damn Tattoo GunThat Damn Tattoo Gun!

But, let me back track a little before i continue to the Tattoo incident….

While coldbreeze was preparing my arm to draw blood, Miss Eve was actually sitting next to me (Comforting me, of course, right?). I failed to mention that the first draw was almost successful, but for some strange reason, let’s just say that my arm didn’t cooperate. i felt the needle go in my arm, the prick wasn’t painful at all. But, i just knew blood would just avoid the pointy thing protruding out of its vessel. The funny thing was that there was a LOT of blood that escaped, not only my arm, but the needle itself. It made for an interesting scene! It was as if Miss Eve was the one who had possession of my arm instead of coldbreeze and Miss Eve, with Her magical touch, caused my arm to bleed. i’m thinking the blood in my body just wants to get out to appease Miss Eve. But, alas, that wasn’t the case. This time……

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That Damn Tattoo Gun!

TattooMiss Eve and i were invited to a nice intimate gathering at the home of Sir Noyes, hosted by him and coldbreeze the other night. There was another interesting visit when we went to the, sometimes monthly gathering. You can read about The Saturday Morning Cartoon Debacle as there is always something to write about when attending this nice home.

As always, i was excited to be going with Miss Eve. i was forewarned by coldbreeze that Sir Noyes had purchased a tattoo gun, but, thought nothing of it because my ass wasn’t getting a tattoo! Or so i thought….

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An Interesting Night (Conclusion)

NightAn Interesting Night (Part 1)

As i waited impatiently for the Goddess to make Her entrance, the nerves just took over and it affected my mind. Would i regret giving myself to Miss Eve? Is it Her intent to hurt me? Should i have taken some drugs so it wouldn’t matter what i thought? lol Ok, scratch the last question, although i had to wonder if i had enough liquor in me to be able to sustain any painful ‘fun’ i may have to endure!

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