An Interesting Night (Part 1)

InteresringMiss Eve instructs me to head to the room and prepare, not only myself, but, whatever equipment that She will need. i am partly excited, but mostly scared. Excited because i fantasize of Her daily. Well, actually, multiple times during the day. Ok, let’s be real, i’m fantasizing about Her as i write and will a couple more times before i finish!

As i walk to the room, i am nervously wondering what She has in store. i am also wondering if i will survive. i am happy because it has been a while since i’ve been in Her ‘clutches.’ Even the thought of being hurt by Her excites me to the point that i don’t know if i want a lot of pain or just enough that will satisfy Her lust for blood. Am i the only one who still gets nervous as if this is the first time She is giving me the type of attention i crave from Her?

i purchased some sounds several months ago for the explicit pleasure of Miss Eve. If you know anything about sounds, it’s not something you just ask for. Not only aren’t they pleasant looking, the purpose may scare you. Unless, of course, it’s for the intended medical use and even then, you don’t want a metal rod being inserted into your penis! The thought of having some rods placed in my dick for pleasurable times….  Ok, i have to admit. Many years ago, it scared the HELL out of me, but, the more it happened, the less fearful i became of them. Plus, the sounds i bought were on Miss Eve’s Amazon Wish List. So, how could i NOT get them and have my penis ‘penetrated’ by Her?


i went to my ‘toy chest’ to pull out this evening’s entertainment tools. i laid them out as well as gathering some lube, alcohol pads, towels and some water. Well, the water was to drink! i had previously swallowed some liquid encouragement in hopes that it will ‘assist’ me with whatever, uh, sensations i would feel at the time. The Goddess was still in another room as i disrobed to present myself to Her for Her exclusive use. Every night when i lay my head on my pillow, scenes like the one that was about to take place, occupies my mind.

The carpet on the floor hides the movement and sounds i would expect to hear when my Tormentor is approaching Her ‘toy’ for the evening. There is another mystery not knowing when this Goddess will walk into the room to ‘play with Her dick.’  my heart starts beating slightly faster knowing that the Dream Woman i’ve envisioned in my mind all these years, is coming to pay full attention to me. It doesn’t matter if it’s to cause me pain or discomfort. It only matters that i am the focus of Hers at this point in time.

To be continued….


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