Fear May be the Prime Motivator

FearYes, fear can motivate people to do the smallest of things. It can also ‘encourage’ others to stay on the right path instead of suffering the consequences of any action. It can also stop you from advancing based on something that, if taken away, can be beneficial.

Fear of losing someone you care about forces you to right whatever wrong you’ve done. Or, it makes you realize the emptiness that may transpire if you lose the one you want to be with and/or serve.

There’s also the fear of upsetting the one you serve. Fear that making Her upset will lower your standing with the one you serve and admire. Although it’s already been established that You are lower than Her. But, the notion that you want to be seen in a favorable light works against you, if that fear of upsetting Her happens. No one wants to upset the One they love/serve.

Fear puts you on the right track, especially with the fear of losing Her. Fear will make you realize any and everything you’ve done wrong and trying to find a way to correct it. Making sure that everything you do from now on, meets and/or exceeds Her expectations. Even if you don’t understand or agree with Her assessment of the situation. Placing yourself in Her hands leaves you vulnerable to Her rule. But, isn’t that what you wanted?

Fear will make you do things you never thought of doing before. Partaking in activities you swore you wouldn’t do. Being in the company of people you have nothing in common with.

Fear of feeling excruciating pain, even if that is what you think you want. Knowing that She wants you to suffer for Her and because of Her. Fear that you won’t be able to handle the slightest of what She has to offer. That you will look like a punk in Her eyes as She hasn’t even warmed up yet. Fear that disappointment will again set in because you didn’t last as long as She would have liked. In a way that will get off Her sadistic needs and urges.

Fear of not fulfilling Her fantasies. i mean, after all, isn’t that what you are there for, in theory?

Fear of trying to read Her mind to¬†anticipate Her needs and wants and failing at that task. Especially after knowing Her for quite some time. Then realizing that one of the things You like about Her, is Her unpredictability. Even if it’s to your disadvantage.

Fear that fear may make you hesitant in situations that you would handle like an expert in any other instance.

It all boils down to Fear being the prime motivator, outside of commitment, trust and the willingness to submit. Sometimes the fear of disappointing Miss Eve is a fear within itself….


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