An Interesting Night (Part 1)

InteresringMiss Eve┬áinstructs me to head to the room and prepare, not only myself, but, whatever equipment that She will need. i am partly excited, but mostly scared. Excited because i fantasize of Her daily. Well, actually, multiple times during the day. Ok, let’s be real, i’m fantasizing about Her as i write and will a couple more times before i finish!

As i walk to the room, i am nervously wondering what She has in store. i am also wondering if i will survive. i am happy because it has been a while since i’ve been in Her ‘clutches.’ Even the thought of being hurt by Her excites me to the point that i don’t know if i want a lot of pain or just enough that will satisfy Her lust for blood. Am i the only one who still gets nervous as if this is the first time She is giving me the type of attention i crave from Her? Continue reading



BirthdayIt gives me GREAT pleasure to acknowledge this National Holiday celebrating the birth of this BEAUTIFUL Woman! May Your coming years be more eventful than Your previous ones! Continue to be You and i hope to see more of what makes You Miss Eve!!! i voluntarily accept Your birthday spankings for You!


Fear May be the Prime Motivator

FearYes, fear can motivate people to do the smallest of things. It can also ‘encourage’ others to stay on the right path instead of suffering the consequences of any action. It can also stop you from advancing based on something that, if taken away, can be beneficial.

Fear of losing someone you care about forces you to right whatever wrong you’ve done. Or, it makes you realize the emptiness that may transpire if you lose the one you want to be with and/or serve.

There’s also the fear of upsetting the one you serve. Fear that making Her upset will lower your standing with the one you serve and admire. Although it’s already been established that You are lower than Her. But, the notion that you want to be seen in a favorable light works against you, if that fear of upsetting Her happens. No one wants to upset the One they love/serve. Continue reading