It Was All a Dream!

Dreami was on my knees, looking up at this Goddess. The evil smile peered down on me as She instructed me to open my filthy mouth. As to avoid further punishment, i oblige and open as wide as i am able to. This delighted Her. She proceeds to stand directly over me and in a swift instant, deposits a glob of saliva into my waiting orifice. i gladly accept it, as it IS from my Goddess. i mustn’t seem like i am enjoying it as it would anger Her. So, as cunning as i can be, i feign disgust to try to throw Her off. The look on Her face turns to displeasure as She violently slaps my face. ‘How dare you NOT enjoy something i give You, My little bitch!’ She raises Her voice several levels to emphasize Her disgust with my faking of disgust. i seem to forget that this Goddess knows me well and truth is ALWAYS expected from me, even if it’s a detriment!

The mistake i made has opened up an opportunity for more abuse. No, that wasn’t the plan. Now i feel like, after the pain i am about to endure, i will feel remorse. i never want to anger Her at any costs, but, my deceptive action wasn’t necessary. i also know that, despite any action i take, She will do what She wants, just because that is who She is. i’ve accepted that. Even when i try not to displease Her, i accomplish the goal of doing so. Now, i must suffer based on a split-second decision.

The Goddess now instructs me to stand up. She then ties me to the makeshift spreader bar that is waiting for me above my head. As She places the cuffs around my wrists, i can actually feel the beating of my heart steadily increasing as Her body brushes against mine. Yes, Her body touching mine is making my mind go crazy because it’s Her. But, in actuality, the speeding may be because my body knows that any comfort i currently have, is gonna quickly vacate once She begins ‘Her work.’

This young Goddess, once She has my arms secure, starts circling me like a vulture does upon a rotting carcass. She doesn’t pretend She doesn’t want to hurt me. She does. i can tell by Her movement that She plans on making me suffer. Suffer in a way that, days later, i can’t focus on anything because of the bruising. And i’m talking physical as well as mental. She wants to make it that serious.

She goes to the heavy artillery immediately. After several hard face slaps to send the message that She is not playing, i start to feel a flush of tears rushing towards my eye socket. As the ‘man’ i profess to be, i forcefully hold them back so they won’t be in full view. Tears are a way of signaling more pain to the Goddess. i can’t take that chance. There will be, of course, more pain, but, it has to be at the level She is currently at. If not, the swiftness of the punishment and the severity of Her blows, will be at a level i’m never gonna be ready for. As the last slap lands, the free hand was holding my worst enemy, outside of the single tail. The dreaded (And favorite of the Goddess) cane. But, let me inform you. If there is one cane, it means there are several. And that just means that She will use as many of them as She wants to.

Once She realizes that i am in notification of my sworn enemy, She smiles. Not a happy smile either. A mischievous, sinister smile that did nothing to comfort me at all. But, with that smile, patience is something that never comes for the ride when She has that instrument out. Warm up? What’s that? That’s an activity for those who are not at the level of this Goddess. In fact, if She were to warm up, Hers would be equal to another’s hardest, defining swing.

If only i was able to get that much warm up in the time You read that last paragraph, i’d be able to sit today. Anyway…..

The quickness of the blows were so severe that by the time i was able to yell, She had landed many in succession, with no mercy. i swear to You, even if i didn’t want to cry, i had no choice. It felt like i had been laid over a large bench and left for hours in the midst of many man-hating lesbians with axes to grind. On my ass!!! You would think that this sadistic display would be enough, but, no, it wasn’t. After stopping for several seconds (She stopped, ONLY to admire the quick welts that rose through my flesh!), She takes a breath and then comes around to look me in my face and asked me ‘How come you’re not smiling for giving you some attention?’ With the amount of tears swelling up in my eyes, You’d think i had just left a funeral! It didn’t matter to Her, so, She shakes Her head and gets back into position to continue making ground beef out of my rump.

As She slows down Her abusive assault on my ass cheeks, She brushes that wonderful body against my back and whispers in my ear, ‘Tell me you love me and You appreciate all the attention i am giving you.’ i don’t hesitate for a millisecond, as i repeat the words, through my sobbing, ‘i LOVE You, Goddess and i sincerely appreciate all the attention being given by You!’ Not a hint of sarcasm, deception or deceit. It was the absolute truth, although i am in tears.

As She backs away, i am hoping that this is over. She then blindfolds me, heightening my fears. my vision is now blocked and as i struggle to see what is going on, i suddenly wake up……

It was all a dream………


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