It Was All a Dream!

Dreami was on my knees, looking up at this Goddess. The evil smile peered down on me as She instructed me to open my filthy mouth. As to avoid further punishment, i oblige and open as wide as i am able to. This delighted Her. She proceeds to stand directly over me and in a swift instant, deposits a glob of saliva into my waiting orifice. i gladly accept it, as it IS from my Goddess. i mustn’t seem like i am enjoying it as it would anger Her. So, as cunning as i can be, i feign disgust to try to throw Her off. The look on Her face turns to displeasure as She violently slaps my face. ‘How dare you NOT enjoy something i give You, My little bitch!’ She raises Her voice several levels to emphasize Her disgust with my faking of disgust. i seem to forget that this Goddess knows me well and truth is ALWAYS expected from me, even if it’s a detriment! Continue reading