‘I Wanna Taste Your Tears’

TearsShe walks into the room, slowly, as She is looking at Her prey with excited anticipation. She is ready for the elaborate kill. She doesn’t see a person, She sees an object of desire. She licks Her lips as She imagines the joy She will get out of abusing the flesh that is in Her presence. She locks eyes with him, smiling as She smells his fear. Getting wet as She moves closer towards him. He is tied, spread eagle on the bed, with nowhere to go. As he lays on his stomach, the gag She placed in his mouth may be released. Why? The sound of him pleading for mercy will delight Her. But, more so, the screams that will escape from his throat will surely excite Her as it will be music to Her ears. Not only does She see the fear in his eyes, She notices the lump in his throat that has developed. By gazing into his eyes, She says a lot with the cat-like grin that appears on Her beautiful face. In any other situation, this would bring an equally expressive smile to his face, but, alas, this sparks real fear in him. 

She gets closer to Her prey and She notices his breathing patterns change. The anxiety is real for him. She delights in his fear of Her. She goes over to his naked body, exposed for Her use, as he lays there, shivering. She lays her delicate fingers on his skin, making him realize that his torment is about to begin. His prayers will not be answered as She seductively teases him with the slightest touch. A touch that, with any other hand, would elicit pleasurable thoughts and fantasies. Yet, with this beautiful creature, it passes thoughts of torturous beginnings, as he has direct knowledge of.

As he anticipates the rush of pain he is expecting to experience, She whispers in his ear. Something that frightens him even more than the thought of what is about to happen. She simply says, ‘I wanna taste your tears…’


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