Let’s Just Talk….

Let's TalkCommunication is key in ANY relationship, whether it’s of a sexual nature, a work relationship and/or even a friendship. Some say that trust is the most important factor in a relationship, but, i disagree. How can there be trust if there is no conversation?

With Miss Eve, i always want to talk to Her. Not just about Her Dominance and anything pertaining to it. Yes, that was the initial and primary goal, but, i just want to know what makes a Miss Eve. What is it that drives Miss Eve? Why is Miss Eve the way She is? What puts Miss Eve in a particular mood? 

Now, i’ve served many Mistresses over the years. i have great relationships with some of the Dommes i’ve served. Still friends with many of the Ladies i’ve had the opportunity to submit to. But, Miss Eve is the first Mistress i wanted to know completely. What do i mean by completely? i mean, i want to know everything about Miss Eve and not just the persona of Miss Eve. i make it a point not to get too personal with the Mistresses because we all have our ‘private’ lives. Because of my interest in Miss Eve, i feel in order to be a better suited submissive for Her, i have to know Miss Eve. And to know Miss Eve, i have to know (Of course, it depends on how much She is willing to expose to me) the person behind Miss Eve or outside of Miss Eve.

So, whenever possible, i speak to Miss Eve. One of the best things about interacting with Her is having a conversation with Her. Even when She is yelling at me, it gives me more insight as to what i’ve done that causes Her to do so. i take mental notes so i will try not to do whatever i’ve done, that gives Her a reason to yell. i also know what makes Her smile, what makes Her happy. Sometimes having a conversation helps with finding things out.

So, outside of being tormented by Miss Eve, i really enjoy just talking to Her. Watching Her reaction on certain subjects. Finding out more about Her. Hoping She opens up more to me. All those things and more, gives me a better insight. The more i know, the better i can serve Her. i want to be at Her complete mercy.

So, i have to end this so i can….  Well, talk to Miss Eve….


2 thoughts on “Let’s Just Talk….

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. I too find that this lifestyle is more mental than it is physical. It is good to know that there are others out there that actually “get it”. I look forward to following you


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