Who Needs a Female Led Relationship?!?

FLROk, so, as recently as a few years ago, i started reading and researching Female Led Relationships. As a submissive man, this was very intriguing and a little different than your ‘standard’ domination role, in my opinion. So, like a man who believes in growth, my interests started leaning towards embarking on a FLR (Female Led Relationship). The excitement being that i would still being able to ‘submit’ but in a different aspect that doesn’t necessarily, primarily, dwell on dominance. More along the lines of role play, but in a switched role.

i read articles online, looked at blogs, even discussed it with several scene people, since the dynamics of it seemed exciting. Then i met Miss Eve……

So, initially, we discussed FLR. i wanted to hear Her thoughts and hoped that She would be open to that type of relationship. It seemed to go well. Well, at least the conversations. i really thought that we were heading in that direction. Now, i will take responsibility for anything not going according to plan. Why? Because, if anything goes wrong, i have found out, it’s definitely my fault. i’ve accepted that…..

As we got to know each other, what i started to realize, was, this wasn’t a typical D/s relationship. It wasn’t even close to being a Female Led Relationship. It morphed into an Eve Led Relationship! What is that, you may ask? Well, it’s a relationship LED by Miss Eve!!!!

With Miss Eve, it’s not based on gender, it’s not based on what society says. It’s based on the belief that, well, it’s based on anything Miss Eve considers logical! Of course, based on the book of Miss Eve! i am sure this book is still being written. It doesn’t matter, cause if the contents of Her book changes, i’d better change along with it! Hey, i signed up for this…..

So, as much as i wished for a Female Led Relationship, i end up in an Eve Led Relationship and i know for a fact, that this will be more exciting and DEFINITELY more unpredictable…… (Please pray for me…..)


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