Gaining Interest in Her Interests

Gaining Interest in Her InterestsThe best part of growth in ANY relationship, is learning more about your partner. And learning about your partner entails knowing more about what interests they have. i feel in most failed relationships, what plays a part is, what you have that is NOT in common with your partner. What makes great relationships is the shared interests but, more importantly, what separates the two as well. Taking an interest in what you may not have an interest in, is what strengthens most relationships.

Now, there are instances where your interests will not fall in line, but, having an interest in your partner’s interests is half the battle. That’s not to say you have to dive headfirst into whatever they like, but, to take an interest in the interest shows initiative. What makes Miss Eve interesting is the interests She has. Are some of them extreme? Hell YES they are, but, honestly, that’s what drew me to Her more so than just Her beauty.

As i have stated here previously, Miss Eve doesn’t have fantasies, She has interests and that is what separates Her from previous Dommes i have served. i have realized that recently. So, going forward, i am committing myself to having interest in more of Her interests…..

EVEn if it kills me……. (Which it may….)



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