The Difference Between What we Want and What we Need

The DifferenceEveryone has preferences, desires, wants, needs, etc. When given the choice between what we want and what we need, typically, we choose what we want. ESPECIALLY in relationships. Hence, one of the reasons a lot of relationships don’t work out or is bad for you because we want something that may not be good for us. It’s like vegetables. Yes, it’s factual that eating vegetables keep and make us healthy and is needed to fully function, yet, we may prefer eating that slice of lemon pie. Yes, that decadent taste fulfills a desire but, the only thing that it did do, was satisfy a tasty craving. Of course those vegetables may have helped get us the needed nutrients plus, given us the necessary energy needed to function.

Attraction is a wonderful, yet, tricky thing. Whatever brings you to someone is different for everyone, this is what makes the world go round. We’ve all had a few that we wondered why we even approached or allowed to approach. This is what life is about. Typically, the ones we allow in our lives, in a perfect world, should complement us and/or makes us better with their presence/guidance/support.

When someone comes into your life and has enhanced it or is making the attempts to do so, accept it. It works out better for you in the long run, even if you don’t particularly see it initially. Miss Eve has and is doing that and i do appreciate it. i may initially balk, complain (to myself, of course, no, i’m not walking around with busted lips because i dare challenge something She says or does!), but, once i think about the reason behind the decision, i do understand. Although i will fight it within myself, i will accept it and then appreciate Her caring enough to say and/or do something (Well, making me say and/or do something).

That and because i don’t like walking with multiple bruises upon multiple areas of my precious body…..


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