The Pursuit of Miss Eve

The Pursuit of EveSo i mentioned my first interaction and meeting of Miss Eve in an earlier post. i didn’t know what i was in for when i actually started communicating with Her. Upon meeting Her, i knew i wasn’t ‘Her type.’ Don’t ask me how i knew, i just had this feeling i wasn’t. This was also evident in the fact that She basically ignored me for some time. i had access to Her via FetLife and then i graduated to getting Her mobile number. She was always cordial in person at the fetish events, but, i couldn’t get closer. Apparently, my attraction to Her led to me ‘rewarding’ Her with liquor whenever She ran out or didn’t have any on Her when She came to the parties i served drinks at. It even got to the point that whenever She did arrive at the parties, i would have a drink waiting for Her when i knew She was there.

So, i knew, eventually that i’d get the opportunity to gain Her interest. Not one to really speak on the phone, i would text Her regularly and IF She ever texted me back, the conversations were interesting. It would start off innocently, then the true sadist was coming out in the texts i would receive. The more She would express vicious, threatening things to do to a human body, the more i wanted to hear! Was this Woman playing with me? The more disturbing it sounded, the more i wanted to be absorbed by Her! Shit, the things She talked about doing, was so vivid in my imagination, i would actually get excited just reading Her texts! i just KNEW i had to be destroyed by Her sadism……

i finally got the chance to play with Her after one of the parties at the place i work at. i’m not one for public play, so, even if i wasn’t working, you wouldn’t see me doing anything anyway. Usually, after the parties, a small bunch of us would just chill (Others, of course, would continue playing or really START playing) and talk. i always enjoyed when Miss Eve stayed behind because i got to look at Her. Sometimes, She would be a little drunk and, let’s just say, She gets a little more interesting by the end of the night. Nothing bad, but, those evil thoughts seemed to proceed to the forefront of Her mind. i finally got the courage to agree to allow Her to abuse me a little. i was hesitant because there were still people there to witness anything that would happen and i especially don’t like playing in front of men.

It was tame in comparison when She did get me in Her clutches. The guys that were there, had never seen me involved in play and one was so concerned for my safety that he had to ask if i was alright….  i was….. In fact, i enjoyed it knowing that it can only get worse, er, i mean, better….  In fact, if i am correct, that very same night, we did fire play and She set my sock on fire!!!!!

That night made me believe that She is the right Woman for me to submit to, even though Her thoughts are WAY more sinister than i could imagine. But, that’s what makes The Pursuit of Miss Eve kinda great……


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