The Saturday Morning Cartoon Debacle

The Saturday Morning Cartoon Debaclei’m making a more conscious effort to allow myself to be at the mercy of Miss Eve in ways i may have denied Her previously. Having many conversations and knowing Her thought process, this is very tricky and indeed scary. But, i am along for the ride and willing to try more of what She desires (Lord pray for me!).

i had the pleasure of escorting Her to a nice close knit affair at the home and play space of another scene player. It was another fun, eventful night and as usual, the gracious host, Sir Noyes, allowed us to stay over. Now, i suffered no loss of limbs or blood, just sweat throughout the night. As i was sleeping in the living room, i am awakened by the lovely Coldbreeze, who seems to ALWAYS have energy, despite, well….. anything. As she assaults Miss Eve and after some bubble bath and pizza in the bathroom shenanigans, i make an attempt to head out to take Miss Eve home. BUT, before that could happen, Coldbreeze asks us if we’ve ever heard of Charlie The Unicorn. Neither one of us had, so, before we left, we ‘agreed’ to humor her and watch a clip of Charlie The Unicorn. Unbeknownst to me, THIS is when the torture begins…..

So, we watch the first clip. Now, mind you, you have to be high to watch it…. I actually suggest to go to YouTube and find the clip so you can see what we were viewing. So, i’m thinking, ok, we’ll watch the clip and then i can make sure Miss Eve gets home safely….  But, NO….. Coldbreeze informs us that there are 3 OTHER parts to this Charlie the Unicorn series. She loads up the video and it’s 20 minutes long, so, i think to myself, eh, i could stand this for 20 minutes. After getting through the 20 minutes, guess what? The torturing of poor chucky has begun! Then we see the next title, Llamas with Hats 1-12…  i look at Miss Eve and with that sadistic smile on Her face, She motions to Coldbreeze that we’ll continue to watch the next series. i really start to think to myself, ‘Why does She decide to torture me upon exiting this apartment?’ And in such an inhumane way!??!?!?

i thought Coldbreeze was my friend. Evidently she isn’t! We then proceed to watch Llamas with Hats 1-12. Yes! 1 through 12!!  ARGHHHH!!!!

Ok, as the slow torture continues, i find solace when we finally get to number 12. Yes! We can finally leave! Come to find out, it isn’t so! The torture that i was enduring, is being extended once again! Damn you, Miss Eve!!!  ‘STOP TORTURING ME!!!!!’ What did i do to deserve this?!??!?!?

Next up? ASDF Movie 1,2,3,4,5,6…. No, I’m not kidding…. To make matters worse, we even watched ASDF movie deleted scenes!!!!!

Suffice to say, other videos were viewed, much to the delight of these 2 sadistic Women (Mind you, Coldbreeze is NOT a Domme!) at my expense! And when we finally got the chance to leave, guess what? Coldbreeze suggested that we make it a weekly thing, Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Lord, PLEASE help me……



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