How May i Serve You Today?

How may i serve you today?The pleasure of serving comes within the need/want to satisfy the one you serve. The expectation, depends on the nature of the relationship. Of course, play partners may not have any type of service agreement as opposed to partners who have certain dynamics that is the basis of their union. The problem with most relationships, even vanilla ones, is the lack of understanding when it comes to the person you are with. The attraction, be it physical, mental and/or emotional, plays a major role in wanting to be with someone for whatever reason. The issue usually comes in when neither party expresses things outside of the attraction, specifically in the context of BDSM exchange.

You’re never too old to learn and i am realizing this on a daily basis. i wholeheartedly accept the lessons i’m learning in my service to Miss Eve. i get excited each day knowing that, even if it’s on a minute scale, i will, undoubtedly, learn something. It could be learning something about Her i didn’t previously know. More than likely, as it has been more recently, i learn more about myself because of my dealings with Her. In my quest to become more efficient for Her, the previous struggles i had in doing so is steadily decreasing. Fears i once had are no longer being looked at as fear. i now accept it as challenges. Things that i should have overcome over the many years in the scene. i have to admit, meeting Miss Eve is forcing me to step my game up and i welcome that fully.

Every day i try to find more ways that i can be an asset to Miss Eve (Or, at the very least, figure out how i can be better at everything i do). The first thing i do when i awaken daily is thank God for allowing me to see another day. The next thing i typically do, is say good morning to the one i serve, Miss Eve. Now, in that initial communication, i will ask a simple question, ‘How may i serve You today?’


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