The Stalking of Mistress Eve

The Stalking of Mistress EveDISCLAIMER: Based on the title, i do not nor have i ever stalked anyone and would never suggest for anyone to do it. i would have named this ‘In Pursuit of Mistress Eve’ but, whenever we discuss by ‘persistence’, She labels it stalking (Jokingly, i hope) so it was more fitting a title since i am speaking about Her.

‘Why is he writing about this Mistress Eve character?’ some of you must be asking or wondering….. I guess if i were reading this, i’d ponder the same thought. The simple answer? Because i want to! 😉

Who IS this Mistress Eve i write about? i could probably write a short story but let me try to briefly explain the start of my pursuit of becoming the property of Mistress Eve.

i serve drinks at an establishment that caters to the fetish crowd, a dungeon with all the toys, equipment and atmosphere that people involved in BDSM enjoys. One of my friends told me about a scene with 2 young ladies at a previous party i missed and based on his description, i definitely needed to meet these 2. The night i had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Eve, i was at the bar, doing what i do and She immediately caught my eye when She walked by. i took a liking to Her as She strolled by and then i continued serving drinks. My friend approaches me some time later to inform me that the couple he was telling me about was at the party, so, i followed him to check Them out. i walk into the room and there was Mistress Eve and the other young lady talking, if i am correct, they may have been starting to do a scene. i agreed with my friend in that they both looked good and immediately, i started fantasizing in my mind, of being abused by both of them. But, i was at the event working, so all i could do was fantasize as i walked back to the bar.

Later at the party, the other young lady came to the bar to get some water and i took the chance to spark a conversation and immediately, we had something in common. She was involved in music and so was i. After several minutes of talking, we exchanged ‘FetLife’ profile names and i was happy to have made a friend, a cute one at that.

Now, how does this start my pursuit of Mistress Eve? Well, actually, it didn’t. THIS is what started my pursuit of Her…..

Later in the night, i was introduced to Mistress Eve, as expected, She didn’t really pay me any mind (Well, except when She came to the bar to get something to drink). At that point, it didn’t matter to me because i had already met Her friend and more than likely, we’d end up as friends through the other girl’s connection. BUT, here is where my fascination with Eve started and it was TOTALLY unexpected.

Towards the end of the party, They were in the room talking about Their next scene and Eve’s eyes lit up when She mentioned She wanted to waterboard the young lady. Now, up until then, i had never witnessed, not even on video, a waterboarding, despite hearing about the dangers it can do to a person. So, i was intrigued to witness the scene. As the water was being gathered and the scene was being set up, i was paying more attention to Eve’s reactions and gestures. Once the scene started, i noticed an evil grin emerging. The evil grin turned into an evil smile and it looked like She was getting more excited as Her ‘victim’ was suffering. Now, i’ve seen COUNTLESS scenes in my many years in the fetish world, but, it’s only been a few times where the person ‘performing’ looked like they were enjoying it so much that it seemed like they were having an orgasmic moment as they played. THIS was DEFINITELY one of those times and in turn, it got me excited….

If i could have, i would have gotten on my knees right then and there and asked Her to take me with Her and i wouldn’t have cared where we went, as long as i was allowed to be at Her mercy.

Of course that didn’t happen, but, it was the beginning…..

As i wrote this, i got actual shivers reliving that moment, so, i will end this post now, but, will pick up at a later time, so you can understand how that beginning point set the tone in my ‘Pursuit of Mistress Eve’


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