Daddy Dearest

superior-femdom-woman-worshipped-by-inferior-male-slaveTitles, pet names, nicknames….  We all have them, we all enjoy being called certain things from our ‘partners.’ Slut, bitch, Master, Sir, subby, boy, all variations of titles or names the one we play with or are connected to, calls us or what we call them. i like whatever title or name the One i serve gives me as it signifies Her ownership of me, especially when She chooses what She decides to call me as opposed to me giving myself a title. i believe it also gives Her the rightful power to call me whatever She chooses based on what She feels i should be referred to as.

Although people call Her Mistress Eve, Miss Eve or Mistress Evil Eve, i call Her Daddy. And just to clarify, no, i have no homosexual desires or want to have anything to do with men, but, i am very big on role reversal, in terms of what society says our roles should be. Mistress Eve, if You’ve ever seen Her, is very attractive, i say, Beautiful. There is no way anyone would ever confuse Her with anything masculine, in Her appearance, in Her look, in anything actually. In terms of my role reversal fantasy, She epitomizes the role of Daddy to me. She calls me slave but, She sometimes refers to me as Her baby girl. At first, it was a little unsettling because, especially if You’ve seen me in person, i look NOTHING like a baby nor a girl. On the other hand, Mistress Eve looks NOTHING like a Daddy. Plus, Her calling me that is such a privilege that i will happily accept any name or title She bestows upon me!

i like the idea of calling Her Daddy because, in this BDSM scene, a Daddy is seen as strong, forceful, powerful, strict and will dole out punishment when necessary and even when not necessary. A Daddy is also feared, but respected, viewed as an enforcer as well as a protector (Although Mistress Eve needs no protector, as a man, my duty is to protect Her, that’s my natural instinct and no role or title, will prevent me from making sure She is protected!). A Daddy commands respect, expects obedience and is used to having leadership. i can go on about how a Daddy is viewed and looked upon and in every aspect, i try to have those same views and more of Mistress Eve, my Daddy….

Mistress is a powerful title, yet, me calling Her Daddy, makes me feel more submissive towards Her. It puts me in my place more effectively and gives me a feeling of being under Her control.

i just may have the PRETTIEST Daddy EVER!!!!



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