The Pursuit of Miss Eve

The Pursuit of EveSo i mentioned my first interaction and meeting of Miss Eve in an earlier post. i didn’t know what i was in for when i actually started communicating with Her. Upon meeting Her, i knew i wasn’t ‘Her type.’ Don’t ask me how i knew, i just had this feeling i wasn’t. This was also evident in the fact that She basically ignored me for some time. i had access to Her via FetLife and then i graduated to getting Her mobile number. She was always cordial in person at the fetish events, but, i couldn’t get closer. Apparently, my attraction to Her led to me ‘rewarding’ Her with liquor whenever She ran out or didn’t have any on Her when She came to the parties i served drinks at. It even got to the point that whenever She did arrive at the parties, i would have a drink waiting for Her when i knew She was there.

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Is BDSM Only About Deviance?

DevianceWe all hear stories of deviance when it comes to the fetish world and there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, it is what it is. i believe we all have some type of deviance in us, it’s a matter of how minute or how large the desire may be. This is what separates us from the, ahem, ‘vanilla’ world. Sadly, even today, society still frowns upon some of the things it considers alternative.

But, why is it that BDSM is primarily about deviance? Could i be wrong? i honestly don’t even consider myself deviant (Well, some of my thoughts border on it, but, whose doesn’t?). Ok, maybe having some deviant things done to me (Of course this is when i mention the lovely Miss Eve!), but, does that make me deviant? Continue reading

i Really Don’t Want to Be a Masochist

Not a masochistFor many years, i have served Sadists and was even labeled a pain slut (Miss Eve would NEVER believe this…..). By the definition of a masochist, i thought i was one or becoming a better one.


  1.   a sexual perversion characterized by pleasure in being subjected to pain or humiliation especially by a love object — compare sadism

  2.   pleasure in being abused or dominated :  a taste for suffering

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The Saturday Morning Cartoon Debacle

The Saturday Morning Cartoon Debaclei’m making a more conscious effort to allow myself to be at the mercy of Miss Eve in ways i may have denied Her previously. Having many conversations and knowing Her thought process, this is very tricky and indeed scary. But, i am along for the ride and willing to try more of what She desires (Lord pray for me!). Continue reading

How May i Serve You Today?

How may i serve you today?The pleasure of serving comes within the need/want to satisfy the one you serve. The expectation, depends on the nature of the relationship. Of course, play partners may not have any type of service agreement as opposed to partners who have certain dynamics that is the basis of their union. The problem with most relationships, even vanilla ones, is the lack of understanding when it comes to the person you are with. The attraction, be it physical, mental and/or emotional, plays a major role in wanting to be with someone for whatever reason. The issue usually comes in when neither party expresses things outside of the attraction, specifically in the context of BDSM exchange. Continue reading

The Fear of Disappointing Miss Eve

DisappointmentAs a person who has been involved in the art of BDSM for a couple of years now, i do have some fears. Having the privilege to serve a true Sadist, evidently, the fear of punishment is high on my list. Of course, the fear of pain, crosses my mind often. But, the worst fear (Outside of losing the privilege of being the property of Miss Eve) is the fear of disappointing Miss Eve. Continue reading

Dealing with Compromise

CompromiseThe beauty of any relationship is finding commonalities that will make the union thrive. Anything from mutual likes in music, discovering the palates have similar tastes and knowing that certain fantasies may fall in line (Of course i had to throw in the fantasy aspect!). The danger, i feel, in relationships may be the opposite, not having common interests in other aspects. As we get older, we become more set in our ways and typically, we like what we like and if we don’t like something, we just don’t like it!

And then there is the struggle between couples when it comes to not budging, particularly, if it’s something they abhor but their partner takes a keen interest in. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that extreme, but, it’s usually the general feeling. There is where compromise is a great thing to strengthen the relationship!

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