It’s Not a Fantasy if I Can’t Handle It!

Not A FantasyThe good thing about fantasies is that, in your mind, not only is it incredible, but, depending on what it is, it could be the BEST thing in the world! Whether you are lying on your bed, daydreaming on the train, viewing video/photos online or just straight thinking about how fantastic it will be, everyone (Well, according to Mistress Eve, She doesn’t fantasize, She just does whatever it is She is thinking about…..) fantasizes. In my fantasies, if it’s extreme, then it’s for me! Outrageous images of being beaten to the point of near death and then looking at my tormentor, smiling and asking for more! Outlasting the One Who is making me suffer and me being able to gloat! And then be proud of myself because She had to stop because She is fatigued. Yes! Victorious once again!

What i have learned…. i shouldn’t speak about my extreme fantasies, if i am not able to handle them. After getting the pleasure of getting to know Mistress Eve, we traded, let’s say, scenarios of extreme nature. The thought process on that Woman is really incredible, yet, creatively sadistic! Just the very thought of Her thoughts excites me like never before, until i realize how serious She is! i tend to exaggerate what i can take in the little scenes i envision, as i am sure most of Y/you reading this do, whether Dominant or submissive. i guess they are called fantasies for a reason, well, at least by the definition i incorporate.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the things i think about, NO ONE, would survive, yet, it intrigues me to imagine what it would be like. Listening to Mistress Eve, i decide to try to match the severity of some of the play She would enjoy. Now, on paper and in my mind, i’m not only matching them, i’m exceeding them to the point that i am encouraging Her to do more damage! Well, if i want to piss Mistress Eve off, all i have to do is talk about one of my extreme, ‘may never gonna happen’ scenarios. Yes, it PISSES Her off when i kinda back away from the conversation we had. i guess it’s because i’ve got Her going and then, after thinking about what it entails, i rethink it. i become that guy who can’t even be tickled, let alone, whipped, flogged and/or caned!

The LAST thing i want to do is piss Mistress Eve off! Shit, i can’t even handle a rough tickling from Her (No, for the record, She DOESN’T tickle!).

The lesson i learned? Be careful what you ask for, cause you just might get it! (Maybe, i still want to, but, PLEASE don’t tell Her!)


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