My Journey

My JourneyI’ve been in the BDSM scene for a number of years, so, no one can or should consider me a newbie or a rookie. Yet, i’m entering a situation that makes me a beginner, simply because i’m trying to dedicate all my energy into serving the Woman i’ve been chasing in my mind for many years.

We ALL have an idea description of a mate and the idea i had wasn’t anything typical, so upon meeting Mistress Eve, on the surface, She matched the Woman i’ve seen in my mind for many years. Save for a few minor details, as long as i have been in the scene, i just figured i wasn’t going to meet the Woman i envisioned serving long term, if not lifetime.

Yes, we ALL fantasize and hope to meet the One we feel we were meant for, that’s nothing new, so, the thought has always been there and i feel like, after all this time, i may have met the Woman that’s been crossing my mind for years.

This blog has been started so i can, not only document this new journey, but, it gives me something to do with the creative juices i possess. i can say that, in the short time i have known Her, it’s encouraging me to view things differently. i am growing more into what i feel i should be for Her while also acknowledging my transitioning into being more of what She may want me to be.



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