We Need to Listen When We Hear…

mli2qgJYbk1s14roao1_500It takes a lot of work in any relationship in order for it to work. This is why it’s very important to, at least, be compatible or, at the very least, be willing to adapt to each other. The problem with a lot of relationships that have issues is the reluctance to either accept the other as they are or the unwillingness to change for the good of the union at hand. It’s difficult, especially as we get older, to, in essence, change our ways. There are few people who think they are the reason their relationship ended or didn’t work out. There is always blame that doesn’t typically point back at us. i feel the most important tool to any relationship working out, whether it’s romantic, friendship, work or even family, is communication. Continue reading


It’s Not a Fantasy if I Can’t Handle It!

Not A FantasyThe good thing about fantasies is that, in your mind, not only is it incredible, but, depending on what it is, it could be the BEST thing in the world! Whether you are lying on your bed, daydreaming on the train, viewing video/photos online or just straight thinking about how fantastic it will be, everyone (Well, according to Mistress Eve, She doesn’t fantasize, She just does whatever it is She is thinking about…..) fantasizes. In my fantasies, if it’s extreme, then it’s for me! Outrageous images of being beaten to the point of near death and then looking at my tormentor, smiling and asking for more! Outlasting the One Who is making me suffer and me being able to gloat! And then be proud of myself because She had to stop because She is fatigued. Yes! Victorious once again! Continue reading

My Journey

My JourneyI’ve been in the BDSM scene for a number of years, so, no one can or should consider me a newbie or a rookie. Yet, i’m entering a situation that makes me a beginner, simply because i’m trying to dedicate all my energy into serving the Woman i’ve been chasing in my mind for many years.

We ALL have an idea description of a mate and the idea i had wasn’t anything typical, so upon meeting Mistress Eve, on the surface, She matched the Woman i’ve seen in my mind for many years. Save for a few minor details, as long as i have been in the scene, i just figured i wasn’t going to meet the Woman i envisioned serving long term, if not lifetime. Continue reading